Nightmares As A Symptom Of COVID-19| Do You Have COVID Nightmares? | Acupuncture is My Life

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Nightmares as a symptom of COVID-19?!! Can acupuncture treat this symptom? In this episode we answer these questions and more!
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In this video, we discuss:
- rarely discussed symptom of covid-19
- nightmare as a symptom of covid-19
- covid-19 vivid nightmares
- are nightmares a symptom of covid-19
- nightmares since covid-19
- why am I having so many nightmares
- acupuncture for nightmares
- acupuncture for mental health
- acupuncture and psychotherapy
- why do I keep having nightmares
- acupuncture for gallbladder meridian tcm
- acupuncture for heart meridian tcm

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- sore throat as a covid-19 symptom
- headache as a covid-19 symptom
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- psychotherapy for anxiety

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Thanks for watching the video The Reason For Your Nightmares is Not What You Think...| COVID-19 Nightmares | Acupuncture is My Life!

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