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How does Cashrewards work and how can you use it to Save Thousands?

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Cashrewards is a website and app that will give you cashback on your online purchases that you make through the links that they provide or in-store purchases if you have your credit/debit card linked.

If you take full advantage of this, you can easily save thousands per year and also get some really good deals all year round.

When you shop at your favorite stores through Cashrewards, they earn a commission from those retailers and share it with you.

Simply join Cashrewards and shop as usual, either online via our website, or in-store with your linked Visa or Mastercard.

Once a retailer confirms you’ve made an eligible purchase, they credit your account and you can withdraw your cash into your bank or PayPal account.

Even better, Cashrewards is safe and secure and they never share or store any of your personal information.

Every time you receive a cashback, they donate 1% to the Starlight Children’s Foundation to help Aussie kids in need. is an awesome way to save a lot of money if you use it wisely.

But you can even save money without knowing if you just link your cards that you use on a regular basis and happen to shop in a store that is working with Cashrewards to give you money back.

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